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Two high schoolers near Detroit were honored after saving a teacher’s life back in March.  Gym teacher Al Kattola had a heart attack during a student-teacher basketball game.  But two juniors, Isreal “Izzy” DuBose and Correy Coleman, did CPR and brought him back.  

The students weren’t the only two working to save  Kattola, as staff members and administrators were also doing their part and called 911. But it was their quick action that made the difference.  The superintendent, “It took an entire village,” “I saw 50-60 people all doing different things.”

The girls had just learned CPR a few months ago from staff at Oakland Schools Technical Campus in Royal Oak. Izzy said her baby brother has seizures, which was why she wanted to learn the skills. Their instructor says she’s proud they “felt confident in the skill to perform it in an emergency situation.” 

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