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In Louisiana last month where a fire alarm went off in the building where a TV personality and sporting goods brand owner named Matt Busbice lives. It woke him up so he grabbed some random mismatched clothes and headed outside. 

He decided to go start his day with some coffee down the street and while waiting for his order, Matt decided to “hide” on the patio in quiet prayer. You also see 9-year-old Kelvin Ellis Jr. wandering by and notice him doing that, so he approached Matt to give him a crumpled up dollar he had in his hand because he thought he was homeless. It was his only dollar he had gotten from his dad for good grades!  

Instead of being offended over being mistaken for a homeless person, the 42-year-old millionaire invited Kelvin to have breakfast with him.  He hopped next door to ask his dad, who said yes.

Matt was so stunned by Kelvin’s unbelievable generosity that he invited him to a free shopping spree at his sporting goods store in Baton Rouge, where he picked out clothes and a new bike.  

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