Forest Workers Teach Us About Cicadas In Hilarious Viral Video

People are obsessed with cicadas right now so forest workers in Illinois decided to educate the public about them . . . by dressing up like them and acting out their life cycle. And it’s kind of Internet GOLD.

First, the female climbs out of the ground and makes her way up a tree while a guy narrates. Then another worker dressed as a male cicada used a bongo-style thing to simulate the sound they make to attract females. The costumes and pick up line are NEXT LEVEL. LOL


@dupageforest 17-year periodical cicadas are just about to emerge in DuPage! Forest Preserve District ecology supervisor Tom Velat walks us through the fascinating life cycle of a 17-year cicada with some help from District staff. #cicada #cicadas #cicadatok #cicadaseason #longervideos ♬ original sound – DuPage County Forest Preserve

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