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Kevin Spacey has been cloaked in controversy since being hit with a slew of sexual assault charges in recent years. But he hasn’t shied away from acting—and he says big name projects will hire him back if he manages to clear his name. “It’s a time in which a lot of people are very afraid that if they support me, they will be canceled,” Spacey said in an interview. “But I know that there are people right now who are ready to hire me the moment I am cleared of these charges in London.” He places blame on the media for turning him “into a monster,” but says that hasn’t been his experience in real life. He says he’s received “nothing but affection” from people he’s encountered on the street.

He got a victory 7 months ago in court here in the U.S. and other charges have since been dropped. He is still facing an upcoming trial in London for four counts of alleged sexual assault.

Do you want to see him on the screen again? Should Hollywood continue to cast him?

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