Cardiologist Dr. Steve Lome was in the right place at the right time not once, but TWICE, in the same half marathon he was running. Lome says he has never needed to perform CPR outside of his shift until seeing two people collapse at different phases of the half marathon he was running.

The first happened around mile three when he saw 67-year-old Gregory Gonzales suddenly collapse and hit his head in the pavement. Lome and a couple of others started CPR and got him in an ambulance. Knowing Gonzales would be ok, Lome continued on with the race. But that delay ended up placing him in the right time at the finish line to see Michael Heilemann collapse from cardiac arrest. So again, Lome was able to act quickly and start treating Heilemann effectively saving his life.

Now the three men are planning to run the same race next year…together.

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