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One of the most amazing examples of selfless love you’ll hear of a woman who divorced her husband to be his caretaker. Grab tissues…

In 2008, Kris Armstrong was 23 and had been married to her high school sweetheart for just two years when she got a call no one ever wants to get. Her husband Brandon was in a car accident and was in a coma for two months. He had suffered a traumatic brain injury and wasn’t the same Brandon when he woke up. He was going to need constant care. She turned to God for guidance and had to make the most difficult decision to start the process of becoming his legal guardian. But that meant she had to divorce him. She took him to all his appointments and advocated for him, managed his healthcare and everything. At one of the final hearings, a judge asked her what if she has a family one day? Kris told her nothing would change. And it hasn’t, despite meeting James Armstrong in 2014.

The first thing she told him about was Brandon and that they were a package deal. James was ok with that and her mind was even more at ease when Brandon asked him to grab a beer. A year later, they were married and they have kids now who call Brandon their uncle. They’ve been sharing their story on Tik Tok and Kris says, “Brandon’s world got very small after his brain injury and it’s sort of gotten bigger again.”

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