Will Smith shared a pic saying he was in the worst shape of his life.  He’s 52 now and has been used to gaining and losing weight for roles for a long time.



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Of course fans flooded comments with support!

“You’re Will Smith!! You can be in whatever shape you want,” British singer-songwriter Sonna Rele wrote.

“You’re a real one for this,” YouTuber Casey Neistat wrote.

“This is the most amazing post in the history of social media,” musician Questlove wrote.

“Man! You have been in shape your whole life,” actor Guillermo Garcia wrote. “Enjoy the dad bod with pride! Let’s end… the carbs discrimination.”

Mark Wahlberg has always been a beast with his workouts and posts his schedule and workout before. But he recently posted a similar sentiment saying he gained 20 pounds in 3 weeks thanks to some good cooking!




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