Maybe you’ve seen the viral video of a bride blowing dust off her wedding vows during the ceremony, and her groom’s hilarious reaction!

That was Christie Walters Jefferies’s way of dealing with her nerves and jitters, and a nod to their long journey to the alter. She had been dating Byron for 15 years by the time they tied the knot, due to some life setbacks.  Byron’s dad unexpectedly passed and he was important to both of them. He wanted Byron to go to grad school to pursue architecture and be able to support his family. So he did that in 2016 and graduated in 2o19. He proposed at his alma mater, Clemson, last year on November 13th and the planning started. Laughter has been a big part of their lives so a joke at the alter felt appropriate. She got him good!

Congratulations to Christie and Byron!

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