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More than 30 years ago, a Colorado mom had triplets. The major hiccup to her happiness as a new mom with her husband was that they were in the midst of personal and financial challenges. Mom Kathleen was 100% deaf and they made the tough choice to place two babies up for adoption. 

They raised Rikki Jump while her sister, Kendall Scavo and Julianne Scavo, were adopted as twins by a couple who lived 40 miles away.  Now 32 years later, they have all reunited.  Rikki always knew she was a triplet, but her sisters had no idea there was a third. Until their 8th birthday, when their parents gave them a gift revealing they had another sister. So they started exchanging letters every few months until finally meeting in person at age 11 at a local mall. Now, the sisters live just minutes from each other in Austin, TX.

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