Travis Kelce Talks The Most Famous Contacts In His Phone

We know what you’re thinking — Taylor Swift is the most famous person in Travis Kelce’s phone contacts. And that’s probably true, but when he was asked the question for a TikTok on the Chiefs account, he adds that Justin Timberlake is also in his phone.

@chiefs We all know who the easy answer is 😉😂 #minimic #chiefs #famous #qotd ♬ original sound – Chiefs

Without saying who, they agreed that the “easy answer” would be Taylor Swift. Travis added, though, that if he called JT right now, he wouldn’t answer. He mentioned that that’s a busy man.

Other players went on to say the most famous people they have a phone number for are Gunna, their mom, and Pat Mahomes who also plays for the Chiefs (LOL).

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