Tommy Lee’s Wife Explains Broken Ribs

We now know how Tommy Lee broke four ribs

The Motley Crue drummer’s wife recently revealed he was carrying luggage down uneven stairs at a rental house in Nashville, when he fell.

She said on Snapchat, “We were staying at an old rental house in Nashville. It was a cool, old quirky house. But the stairs outside were made out of stones, and they were really uneven, and the roots were pushing them up from the tree. And everything was fine. I actually fell up the stairs a few times getting groceries, but whatever. So, the day that we were leaving Nashville, our driver came and we had all this luggage and he wasn’t helping us; he just stayed in the car. And so Tommy was trying to carry all of our luggage for us. And he fell down these crazy stairs and broke four ribs. Not fractured, not bruised, broke.”

The drummer has been unable to play full sets on the band’s stadium tour.

Would you want to see Crue without Tommy Lee?

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