Oh no…here we go again!

Ticketmaster got everybody in an uproar with the pre-sale disaster and now it looks like they are tossing out some olive branches. They issued a formal apology, but more than two dozen fans are suing and a few Senators are launching an investigation into the lack of competition in the ticketing industry and fighting the use of bots.

That said, Ticketmaster is tossing a bone to a few very lucky Taylor Swift fans with another shot to buy leftover tickets to her “Eras Tour.” Ticketmaster sent emails Monday to those fans who signed up for the “Verified Fan” presale but couldn’t get tickets on the first go.

The email read in part, “You have been identified as a fan who received a boost during the Verified Fan presale but did not purchase tickets. We apologize for the difficulties you may have experienced, and have been asked by Taylor’s team to create this additional opportunity for you to purchase tickets.” Again, this doesn’t sound like a GUARANTEE they will be able to buy tickets this time either. Instead, they’ll have a limited “opportunity to request to purchase 2 tickets.” Those who got that email have to submit a request is December 23rd, after which Ticketmaster will notify those who can actually buy the tickets.

Oh…and no word how much they will be or for what shows.


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