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Charli XCX has reportedly been writing songs for a Britney Spears comeback album. A source spilled the tea to The Sun saying, “The Britney album is being kept top secret. Work has been going behind the scenes for quite a while to gather a series of killer songs to bring Britney back with a bang,” “Charli has a great track record when it comes to writing clever pop songs. She went into the studio earlier in the year to make some songs using Britney’s guidance of what she is after. She came up with a really strong track that is expected to make it on to the album, which Britney’s team hope will be out in 2024.”

Charli XCX previously wrote songs for Spears’ 2013 album, but none of them made the cut. That said, you may be unaware of just how many pop songs by other artists were actually written by Charli!

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