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There’s a ton of buzz around “The Flash” being the movie that can turn around a struggling DC Comics Universe…but it’s not without controversy. The movie’s star, Ezra Miller, has a bit of a checkered recent past.

Miller made headlines in 2022 getting arrested multiple times in Hawaii for various public disturbances. Then Miller was accused of inappropriate behavior and harassment toward minors, and charged in a burglary case in Vermont. Any one of those things would probably cost any of us our jobs…but Hollywood works differently.

Despite all that, director Andy Muschietti insists he would work with Miller again if Warner Bros. wants a sequel. Muschietti’s fellow producer and sister Barbara Muschietti added that Miller “was brilliant and the most committed and the most professional [actor]” while shooting the movie. “Ezra gave everything for this role — physically, creatively, emotionally.”


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