The First Travel Ad Sent to Aliens Suggests They Visit… Lexington, KY?

We just beamed out our first ever TRAVEL AD for aliens. And the first place we suggested they go is, yes, Lexington, Kentucky!! Lexington’s tourism board is behind it as a fun way to draw attention to the city and get more HUMANS to visit. But they really did beam out a message.

They got F.A.A. approval and sent a coded bitmap image with pictures representing prime numbers and the four basic elements of life. They also included a rough image of a human and TWO images of horses, because Lexington is the “Horse Capital of the World.”

VisitLEX’s coded bitmap image broadcast to the TRAPPIST-1 system. (Image credit: VisitLEX)

It also shows the chemical formulas for the main molecules in BOURBON. And at the bottom, it says “Visit Lexington, Kentucky” to encourage them to start planning a vacation to the Bluegrass State. They pointed the signal at a solar system called TRAPPIST-1, because we think it has a lot of planets that could sustain life.

It’s about 40 light years away, so any aliens out there won’t get it until the year 2063. If they respond, we won’t hear back until 2103.

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