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Nearly 1,000 TV props, costumes and set from classic shows hit the auction block, and the highest bid was for the bar from Cheers. It sold for $675,000 at auction over the weekend.

By the way, all of these items came from one guy that has collected them over 30 years! James Comisar said he had a dream of creating a museum to house his collection, but that never happened so it was time for his pieces to go to fans to enjoy.  And he had some iconic things, like the Batman and Robin costumes worn by Adam West and Burt Ward in the 1960s TV series! Those sold for $615,000, while the set where Johnny Carson hosted guests on The Tonight Show went for $275,000.  The All In The Family set included Archie and Edith Bunker’s living and dining rooms and stairwell and sold for $125,000, and the same buyer paid $250,000 for the chairs used in the ninth season.

Heritage Auctions said the total raised was $5 million.  No word on how much Comisar spent originally on his collection.

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