The Best Chicken Wings in Every State
Buffalo wings - crispy and delicious

Buffalo chicken wings are so popular, they have restaurants devoted to them! Website Eat This, Not That has shared its list of each state’s best chicken wings.

The National Chicken Council has said that Buffalo, New York’s Anchor Bar is credited as the originator of buffalo chicken wings and the site recommends taking a trip there to eat a piece of history.

In South Dakota’s oldest brewery, you can check out something they call “Hyperventilation Wings,” which sound like would go great with a cold one.

In Louisiana, head over to New Orleans’ joint Bayou Hot Wings and experience the snack made in a house-made creole seasoning blend!

In Indiana, the crown goes to Ale Emporium (anyone fancy a road trip?). And for Kentucky, Momma’s BBQ right here in Louisville! Which reminds us, we should probably get a bourbon slushie while we’re at it.

Check out the whole list of each state’s best chicken wings over at!

Who makes the best chicken wings you’ve ever eaten? Would you go out of state just to eat different foods?

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