Thanksgiving Turkeys Will Cost More And Might Be Scarce In 2021
Roasted whole turkey on festive rustic table with autumn decoration for Thanksgiving Day

As you’ve probably noticed, the price of pretty much everything is up this year — and your Thanksgiving turkey is no exception.

The American Farm Bureau has yet to chime in with their annual Thanksgiving dinner cost analysis.

But last Friday, a USDA report showed smaller 8-to-16 pound frozen turkeys were selling for $1.41 per pound, up from $1.15 last year. That’s a 22% increase.

Fresh small birds were even more expensive at $1.47 per pound, about 15 cents more than last year.

Officials say the turkey troubles are also compounded by the fact that the total number of turkeys available at stores is down 6% compared to 2020.

Have you started shopping for Thanksgiving? Are you noticing higher prices? If you don’t eat turkey on Thanksgiving — what do you make instead?

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