Source: YouTube

This is another amazing “right place at the right time” kind of story!  GMA had the story of 18-year-old Josh Logue who was using his drone camera to check out the storm damage in the Denver area when he spotted a couple in trouble. He went to take a closer look when he found an overturned car in a sinkhole with a couple trapped inside!  So he called 911 and was able to help police and firefighters tell them where to find the car.

The couple was in their 60’s and there was water inside, leaving only about 6 inches of air to breathe. The woman had called 911 as well but dispatchers had a hard time figuring out what she was saying.

Police and firefighters tried sawing through the bottom of the Jeep at first, then decided to turn it on the side and lower a ladder down so they could crawl out through a broken window and up the ladder. She wasn’t hurt but he ended up in the hospital. 

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