Superheroes Fight Grime…Not Crime…Outside Norton Children’s Hospital

Fighting grime…not crime!! It’s always a fun day for the kids that have to be at Norton Children’s Hospital to see the ProClean team dressed as superheroes cleaning the windows! It’s been a tradition for years, and is always super thrilling for the young patients to see their faves outside their windows!

“When you’re there a long time, it gets kind of the same over and over again, it’s just nice to have a little break to take you out of that reality just for a little bit,” Joseph Haist, CEO of Pro Clean International said.

Patients saw Batman, Superman, Iron Man and more as they grabbed the squeegees from their utility belts and washed away any frowns while keeping the city clean. Haist said the smiles on kids faces makes the long-running tradition worth it.

“It’s the most heartwarming experience you can ever experience,” Haist said. “When you look in there and see the happiness and the joy, and they come running over to the glass and they’re cheering, it’s just an amazing moment.”


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