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A family in Cleveland, Ohio lost their home in a tragic fire but they could have lost a lot more had it not been for the quick action of a good Samaritan driving by.

Last Monday, Samantha James’ house caught fire when she and her twin 11-month-girls were inside. The smoke was so thick and suffocating that she could only manage to escape with one of her babies. John Stickovich, a total stranger, was on his commute to work when he spotted Samantha outside her burning home.  He pulled over to see if she was ok and she told him her other baby was inside…so he ran right in.

“I went back in, found the baby gate laying on the floor, felt around, couldn’t find the baby. I was just getting ready to leave because it was getting so bad…and then the baby cried…” He told the local news that’s a moment he will never forget. 

James said, “A couple of minutes later, he came out holding my baby that I thought I was never going to see again.” The fire was so bad that the roof collapsed on responding firefighters, injuring three of them. Samantha, along with her daughters, Lotus and Opal, reunited with their rescuer a few days later.

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