As you may have heard last week, the ‘Fleetwood Mac skateboarder’ – aka Doggface aka Nathan Apodaca, is selling an NFT of his mega-viral TikTok video for $500,000.

You may have also heard that the video won’t actually include Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams” – and reportedly it was Stevie Nicks herself who made that decision.

A rep for Apodaca says they reached out to Nicks’ label and offered her 50 percent of the sale for the rights to “Dreams” – but according to TMZ Nicks “shot it down” and “wants nothing to do with him or his video”.

Apodaca’s video was so big it actually sent “Dreams” shooting up the Billboard charts last year. The 23-second clip will go up for auction Saturday with a minimum bid of $500K.

Will Doggface be able to get $500K without the song? Does this whole NFT thing make sense to you?

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