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This is based on the true story of how Tim Ballard shifted his life focus to finding and rescuing children trafficked around the world. Jim Caviezel (Jesus in “The Passion of the Christ”) plays Ballard in this moving, troubling, heart wrenching and inspiring movie that Angel Studios hopes will spread the word about the fastest growing criminal empire in the world.

Human trafficking is a $150 BILLION industry with more people in slavery in history, including when it was legal. Over two million children are trafficked every year for labor and sex. “God’s children are not for sale.” Advertising for the movie is largely being done on social media without the backing of a major studio budget.


Tony Robbins is one of the executive producers who explains why he got involved and how spreading awareness if the first step in ending child trafficking.


There are free tickets available HERE. 

You can also Pay It Forward and buy tickets for someone else to see it HERE.


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