Social Media’s Most Viral Trends of 2023

What was viral in 2023?

The trending topics on social media in 2023 included Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour, the #grimaceshake trend, and discussions about the ancient Roman Empire.
Viral trends ranged from lighthearted to serious, with examples such as videos of users superimposing their faces onto a Chinese spy balloon and TikTokers jokingly alleging that a McDonald’s shake was killing them.
Other trends included the “Roman Empire” trend, where partners were asked how often they think of ancient civilization…
@idkhowyoufoundmehe got so defensive😭😭 once a week is insane♬ original sound – ashley lance

The “Name a Woman” trend, where men were asked to name a woman.
@angelac0123I’m DONE with him🙄🤚🏻♬ Angel – Sarah McLachlan

Celebrities also used social media to address fans directly, apologize, and share updates. Trends also include the popularity of bite-sized charcuterie boards and livestreams of concerts.
What were your favorite trends of 2023?

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