Simmons Urges Fans To Get Vaccinated

Gene Simons is urging everyone to get the Covid vaccine.

In a new interview, Simmons blasted people who are skeptical of vaccines, saying they are posing a risk to themselves and to all those around them.

The Kiss bassist explained:

“Look, I’ve always been a safe guy. I’ve never been run over by a car. But then whenever I get to the street corner, I do what I was taught, which is look both ways, cross at the green, not in between, and all that stuff. So cars never hit me — surprise! The pandemic is the same thing. You’ve gotta get a flu shot. If you go to school, you get all kinds of… A polio shot, all kinds of shots. Which may not be life-threatening. The pandemic and COVID could be life-threatening, especially if you have predisposed other diseases, you could die. A million Americans have died. Close to ten-million worldwide have died because of this. I know the conspiracy idiots are telling you that it’s not true — it is.” 

Do you take medical advice from rock stars?

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