Adele told fans her Vegas residency was postponed because of a massive COVID outbreak on her crew and delivery delays, but multiple sources connected to Caesars Palace claim the real reason is disagreements over production.

Sources say Adele was unhappy with various set pieces, a choir, the sound system and other items associated with the show saying they “were not good enough.” Word is the people at Caesars were “shocked” when Adele canceled at the last minute.

As for COVID, Caesars sources say they can’t speak to Adele’s crew, but the Caesars’ crew was ready, willing and able, and they say they can’t understand why she waited until the last minute to pull the plug.

Regardless, it’s her name and reputation and if she feels it’s now what fans deserve, then we hope they figure it out and the show can go on!

In the meantime, she has been FaceTiming fans who made the trip for opening night only to be disappointed.

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