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Selena Gomez looks like she is excited to put out new music. She posted an Instagram carousel of her working in a studio in Paris with the caption “don’t worry guys, it’s coming. Even from Paris. 😉”


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And what appear to be Hailey Bieber supporters have struck the post with hateful and nasty comments like,

Are you still hoping for a Grammy? You are forever +1 at this party. 🙃 You don’t mean anything in music. You couldn’t even win a Grammy for a Spanish album. How will you use Justin this time for your song?

We don’t need that kind of energy and hate from faceless, nameless Instagram users. And neither does Hailey Bieber! In fact, she liked one of Selena’s recent posts and made this statement on her own Story:

If you’re leaving mean or rude comments on my behalf on anyone’s posts just know that I don’t want that, nor do I ever or will I ever support or condone hateful, mean, or nasty comments. Doing that is not supporting me.. If you are participating in that you are part of a culture that I want no part of. Please be nice or don’t say anything.

All this said, we can’t wait to see what Selena is working on!

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