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This is truly one you need tissues for the happy tears…

Cooper is a 12-year-old German Shepherd who was a day away from being euthanized, when Trish Bauer saw a reel featuring him trying to find someone to save him. She was mourning the loss of a infant daughter who was born without a heartbeat, and the sadness she saw in his eyes spoke to her. So she commented and the next day…got a DM saying she was his last hope.

They immediately went to the shelter and Cooper came running down into Trish’s daughter’s arms giving all the kisses and she knew they were meant to be family. One big problem was found when they took him to the vet to get checked…he had cancer and wasn’t healthy enough for surgery. They gave the Bauers 6 weeks to get him strong enough for surgery or there was nothing they could do. Trish’s 10-year-old, Lilly, is a cancer survivor so they knew that fight all too well.

They took him on lots of outings and poured into him…and got his strong enough in three weeks!  Bauer says they rescued him, but he really rescued them right back!

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