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Reese Witherspoon shared her recipes for ‘snow salt chococcino.’ The main ingredient is scooped snow from outside, put it into mugs, flavored it with chocolate syrup, caramel sauce, and cold-brew coffee. Social media thinks it’s gross.


@reesewitherspoonSnow days were made for Chococinnos ❄️☕️♬ Let’s go – Official Sound Studio

In fact, when several commenters pointed out maybe we don’t eat raw precipitation, she doubled down and said “We microwaved it and it’s clear.” She was surprised at the backlash saying, “Is this bad? Am I not supposed to eat snow?”

In yet another video, she threw up a YOLO attitude, saying, “We’re kind of in the category of, like, you only live once, and it snows maybe once a year here.”

What do YOU think? Will you try Reese’s concoction or add your own twist??

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