Reactions Are Mixed About A 3-Year-Old Driving Dad’s Ferrari

Yeah you read that right…a toddler is driving his dad’s $550,000 Ferrari by himself…LIKE A BOSS.

This is either the most dangerous stupid thing a toddler could do…or it’s the coolest. The jury is still out.  This isn’t any regular toddler…his name is Zayn and he’s the son of Turkish former professional motorcycle racer Kenan Sofuoğlu. 


3-year-old Zayn is verified on Instagram BTW…this video of him driving his dad’s red $550,000 Ferrari around a track is BONKERS. He’s decked out in his own personalized racing gear outfit…the caption says“1000hp under control on the track.” The video then cuts to Zayn in his booster seat revving the engine before taking off. There are cameras inside showing him handling the car with ease. It’s mind blowing to watch.


But that’s not all he does…another video shows him riding a motorbike. Obvi…reactions were mixed with many saying it’s way too irresponsible and dangerous for a 3-year-old but others are super impressed with his skills. 


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