Although Pearl Jam’s new album, “Gigaton,” won’t be released until March 27th, the band’s giving fans a chance to hear it two days earlier in what’s being called a “Gigaton Listening Experience.”

The March 25th event will utilize Dolby’s Atmos technology so audiences can appreciate every last note while they watch synchronized visuals created especially for the event, organizers say. “It’s truly a unique way to experience this album,” says “Gigaton” producer Josh Evans. “I’m excited for fans to be able to immerse themselves in the sound and to hear the depth and layers of these songs and performances.”

Unlike most events of this kind, fans don’t necessarily have to live in New York or Los Angeles to join in the fun. The Gigaton Listening Experience will be staged at 200 Dolby Atmos-equipped theaters around the world, organizers say.

Why do people go to events like this when they only have to wait two days to own the album? Would you buy tickets to this listening party even if you were planning on seeing Pearl Jam in concert?

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