Coca-Cola is reviving “New Coke.”

Remember the soda from the ’80s that turned out to be a legendary disaster? The epic marketing fail is back to collaborate with the hit Netflix series Stranger Things in a promotional campaign.

A limited supply of the sweeter soft drink — which was met with such swift public backlash at the time that parent company Coca-Cola returned to the old formula within three months — will be out Thursday, with 500,000 New Coke cans available online and at select vending machines.

Matt and Ross Duffer, the 35-year-old twins and co-creators of Stranger Things, are optimistic about the corporate partnership. “New Coke was always going to play a role this season. It was one of the first ideas in our Season 3 brainstorm,” they said. “It was the summer of ’85, and when you talk about pop culture moments, New Coke was a really big deal. It would have been more bizarre to not include it.”

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