The self-proclaimed “Queen of Christmas”, Mariah Carey, can’t legally claim that title after a tribunal at the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office rejected her application to register it as a federal trademark. She also lost her attempts to lock down the rights to “Princess Christmas” and “Christmas Princess.” Why did she want the trademarks?  Merch. In the filing she said she had plans for fragrances, lotions, nail polish, jewelry, cups, mugs, chocolate milk, coconut water, ornaments, toys, dog clothing, masks, lingerie and sweatshirts.

Carey applied for the trademarks back in March of 2021 and quickly faced some backlash. Music legends like Darlene Love and singer Elizabeth Chan pushed back — Chan filed an opposition that arguing no one should “monopolize” the word “Christmas.” She told TMZ: “Christmas is a season of giving, not the season of taking, and it is wrong for an individual to attempt to own and monopolize a nickname like Queen of Christmas for the purposes of abject materialism.”

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