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Talk about magical!  Tik Toker Matthew Ables had a pass to Disney World’s Magic Kingdom from 1978. It originally cost $8 and DIDN’T HAVE AN EXPIRATION DATE. It had been collecting dust since before he was born and just assumed it was an old family keepsake…until he noticed it had never been used!


@matthewables I tried getting into Disney World using a 46 year old ticket #disneyworld #disney #themepark #funny #fyp ♬ original sound – Matthew Ables

So he booked a plane ticket to fly to Orlando and give it a shot! Best. Day. Ever. Today that pass is worth 20 times the original value. The internet is divided thinking he should have sold it online for way more!  Others think the his awesome day at the park was perfect!

What would YOU have done?

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