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 A Colorado postal worker saved the life of an 89-year-old woman on her route.

Seana Green has been delivering mail to Marilyn Schmidt for the past four to five years, “She’s out there pretty much at least like three or four times a week,” she said. And Seana’s the kind of person who stops to chat and treats the people on her route like family. Seana first noticed Marilyn wasn’t out on a Thursday, and then she noticed mail hanging out of her box on Saturday.

“I hollered through the screen and I said, ‘Mrs. Schmidt?’” Green said. “And, ‘Mrs. Schmidt, are you in there or are you OK?’ And I heard her very weak voice, like, ‘Oh,’ and it almost sounded like a kitten meowing. It broke my heart. I walked in, and sure enough, she was in the kitchen on the floor,” Green said. She called 911, and doctors said has she not found her, it would have been a different outcome.

Two weeks later, Marilyn was able to celebrate her 90th birthday with family…and that included Seana!! 

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