Christopher 2X, UofL Health and University of Louisville medical students are teaming up for the Future Healers Program, to encourage local kids to stay away from gun violence and crime.

“We’re saying, ‘Why not inspire them to be a part of the health care arena,'” Christopher 2X said. “The same way they hear about shootings and damage out here, we are saying to them, they can be the healers like the people in the hospital.”

The program offers educational hands-on activities to learn about general anatomy and surgery.

“It was fun to me,” said 9-year-old future healer, Shamun Richardson. “It’s about helping people if they’re hurt, or sick, or bleeding. That’s why it’s for kids.”  They are hoping to get the idea in their minds early to do something positive in life and make a difference making better life choices. Health officials hope this could be the key to curbing the spread of violence in the future.


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