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There’s a story that’s been out there that Kelly Rowland walked off the set of the Today show where she was supposed to co-host the fourth hour with Hoda Kotb while Jenna Hager was out. Word is was that she was unhappy with the small outdated dressing room and walked out, while singer Rita Ora had to step in at the last minute to co-host.

Now comes the REAL reason she was upset: Savannah Guthrie kept asking about Beyonce. Rowland was a guest in the 8am hour to promote a film, but apparently Guthrie just wanted to know more about Beyonce.

An insider said: “Kelly was offended that Savannah Guthrie repeatedly and aggressively asked her about Beyoncé,” a source shared. “The story was spun that Kelly didn’t like her dressing room, but she has been on the ‘Today’ show numerous times, she and her team know the dressing room set up. That would not come as a surprise at all. Kelly was upset about Savannah’s aggressive questioning about Beyoncé. She and her team were not happy and felt disrespected.”

Rowland always makes requests to not talk about Destiny’s Child or Beyonce in interviews, but the Today show apparently doesn’t promised that. Her new movie Mea Culpa is streaming on Netflix February 23rd.

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