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NOOOOOOOO! Is love already dead again for Shawmila?? They were together for a magical two and a half years until splitting in November 2021, but reconnected at Coachella in April and have been inseparable since. But now a source told The Sun that they are done for good. “Shawn and Camila have a lot of history and they tested the waters again after coming back into each other’s lives,” an insider said. “But it was just a fling and they’ve put an end to it now. They realized it was probably a mistake to give things another shot. Things ended between them the first time for a reason, after all. In reality, both of them know they aren’t right for each other romantically and now they just want to move on.”

Another source told Us Weekly as recently as June 1 things were going well: “They’ve practically moved in with each other. They each have their own places, but they’re spending every day they can together and traveling together.”

We refuse to believe the first report. So we’ll just believe they’re fine. We’re fine. It’s all fine.

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