Ranch dressing is one of America’s favorite condiments, and I second that. Hidden Valley Ranch is now taking dipping things to the next level:  three new dipping sauces, and one is even pizza-specific.

The new dipping sauces come in three flavors, Zestier Ranch, Bold Buffalo, and Ranch-Dipped Pizza.

Zestier Ranch should really come with some mouthwash. “We upped the ante on this one,” the company’s website says. “We wanted to make Ranch two times zestier — and we crushed it. So, when those special dipping occasions arise, think twice the garlic, twice the onion — twice the taste.”

Bold Buffalo is for those who love the tangy taste of saucy Buffalo Wings. “This stuff is intense,” the website brags. “Buttermilk, red peppers, onion and vinegar.”

And finally, Ranch-Dipped Pizza, which even shows a slice of pizza going for a dive in a bath of ranch dressing on the bottle. “Pizza and Ranch — the combo that inspires passion in everyone,” the site notes. “Now that they’re together in one rich, creamy dip, you can add a third thing — any dip-worthy delight you’ve got on hand. Pizza, Ranch and potato chips? Get ready, get set, go.”

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