Source: YouTube

Lucy, the Australian Cattle Lab mix from Arlington, Washington is the star of this story.  It was 3:00 a.m. and a fire was quietly burning the workshop of a nearby house. Lucy’s human,  Douglas O’Connor II, was sleeping soundly when he woke up to the sound of her barking.

“Normally, I just yell at her to go to sleep, you know?”, but this time it was a type of bark that he’d never heard before from Lucy.

“Loud, screaming-type bark. It was totally different than her just barking at a usual, usual bark. It was totally—woke us both up. Something’s wrong. Wow. She was trying to tell us something.’” 

His wife got up to investigate and that’s when she saw the fire out of the window. They called 911 and firefighters got there to keep it from spreading from the detached workshop to the home where the owner was still asleep by the time the engine arrived. Firefighters said had it been another 10 minutes, it would have made it to the house. Her barking was so loud it woke other neighbors up too, who also called 911.

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