Equifax has been ordered to pay up a $700 million settlement over a data breach that compromised the info of over 143 million people.

If you think Equifax might owe you some of that settlement money you can go to eligibility.equifaxbreachsettlement.com and enter your name and SSN to find out. And don’t worry, the website is run by the settlement administrator and not Equifax.

If you find out you are eligible to Equifax’s settlement cash, you’ll need to make a claim and upload supporting documents on the same website. You can also mail the information in, too.

If eligible, you’ll be entitled to up to $125 and ten years of free credit monitoring. If you had expenses charged due to stolen data, you can also file a claim where you could receive $20,000.

Have you ever had your identity or personal info stolen? What was the damage done by the thieves?

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