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Miley Cyrus made a bold choice in wearing a dress made only of safety pins!  Like…wasn’t she afraid a few might pop open if she moves too much and get a little stabby?  Do we dare sit down??

Turns out it was just the red carpet look so it looks like she didn’t have to worry about that because she was in a black dress when she accepted the Grammy for Best Pop Solo Performance for “Flowers”…HER FIRST GRAMMY!

She also performed and the song won Record of the Year!

Billie Eilish won Song of the Year for “What Was I Made For”:

SZA won Best R&B Song for “Snooze” and then dodged swords during her performance!

Dua Lipa debuted a new song in her performance:

It was also Taylor’s night, as she won her 13th Grammy and announced a new album! “Midnights” also won Album of the Year, an award she received from Celine Dion!

More red carpet looks here:


But the BEST moment of the night had to be Tracy Chapman and Luke Combs taking the stage for an ICONIC duet of “Fast Car”!

He tells the story of how long he’s loved that song…

It had Taylor out of her seat!

And Billy Joel closed the show with his first new single in 17 years!

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