Source: YouTube

A Baltimore fourth grader has saved a classmate’s life by carrying out the Heimlich maneuver in school.

Jace Wiggins is 9 and knew how to perform the Heimlich maneuver thanks to his mom teaching him…and that came in handy when a classmate choked on a water bottle cap during an end-of-year class party last week.

Jace said: “We were just having fun in the music room listening to music,” “She went to go have a drink of water and next minute she was chewing on a cap and drinking water and it must have went down.”

It took three tries before the cap was dislodged. “I was kind of scared, but I just got behind her and did the Heimlich maneuver.”

His mom is a certified CPR instructor and taught him when he was 7. She said, “The school called and said your son saved someone’s life and when he called I think that his adrenaline was rushing and I’m like what do you mean you did all of this and he said ‘I just did it.’ “

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