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This would be THE WORST. You just got married, on your way to a cruise for your Honeymoon…best time of your life!  Except you’re sobbing on the flight because you realize you left your passport AT HOME.

That was Lawryn Fellwock’s life as she and new hubby Joe were ready to board their Michigan flight to board a cruise in Puerto Rico.  Enter our hero, Dusty the Delta flight attendant, who sprang into action to save the couple’s honeymoon. Joe’s sister handed the passport off to Dusty, he flew with it from Michigan to Georgia. There, Dusty passed it off to another flight attendant, who carried the passport to Puerto Rico and left the passport at the check-in desk for Lawryn. The Fellwocks say Dusty is now a part of the family!

#notallheroeswearcapes #someareflightattendantsnamedDusty

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