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Lewis Capaldi got emotional when the audience at Glastonbury over the weekend was all, ‘we got you fam” and sang for him. The crowd helped him through his last song as he struggled with Tourette’s syndrome and his voice cut out. He was a headliner Saturday on the Festival’s Pyramid Stage, but had to cut the set short for his voice struggles. “I really apologize. You’ve all come out and my voice is really packing in,” he said.

He told the crowd as he walked off stage: “I freaking dreamed about this, man! If this is the only time I ever get to experience it, I’m telling you, it’s more than enough.” He’s been open about his battle with Tourette’s syndrome (which causes involuntary body movements and vocal outbursts). He’s also currently been on a mental health break, which he suspended for this performance.

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