Source: YouTube

A security camera at the Maui Bird Conservation Center appeared to capture the first of many forest fires in Maui last week. Footage from last Monday shows a bright flash in the woods in the middle of the night, knocking the camera back.


“I think that is when a tree is falling on a power line,” says Jennifer Pribble, a senior research coordinator at the conservation center. “Then the power goes out, our generator kicks in, the camera comes back online, and then the forest is on fire.” The video adds to existing speculation that Hawaii’s utility equipment sparked the devastating series of fires, with 99 deaths reported so far.

In the meantime, celebs are finding ways to help support victims. Matthew McConaughey is funding an emergency aid plane with a group called @Baby2Baby. They want to fill the plane with emergency supplies that will have an immediate impact on children and families on Maui.

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