Doorbell Camera Video: Neighbor Just Wants To Compliment Their Decorations

A TikTok user by the handle @hustlinmama1 shared a Ring doorbell video of her neighbor, Ms. Nancy, that has gotten over 5 million views! Ms. Nancy showed up on her doorstep while she was at work, but they were able to talk through the camera. Nancy just wanted to compliment them on how beautiful their Christmas decorations were, and that they are getting too old to do any of their own. 

@hustlinmama1 I’m so thankful that our Ring camera allowed me to have this conversation today. I’ve been so stressed lately and I really needed this heartwarming moment @RingDoorBellVideos #neighbors #merrychristmas #christmaslights #christmascheer #christmas2022🎄 ♬ original sound – user4430975294140

Naturally followers needed to see the decorations!


@hustlinmama1 Replying to @drs0501 ♬ original sound – user4430975294140

So they ended up decorating Ms. Nancy’s house too and met her husband Tom!

@hustlinmama1 We dropped off a beautiful poinsettia yesterday along with a 4’ inflatable Santa. We purchased some garland and lights today, then went over this evening to hang them up. We have had the pleasure of meeting Tom so far, and we are looking forward to meeting Nancy tomorrow. Yall, the craziest thing happened tonight too…we just had a @Zoom ♬ original sound – user4430975294140


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