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This is a 40 our of 10 on a Good Puppers scale!!

This could have been an unthinkable disaster for a Philadelphia neighborhood days before Christmas; but that didn’t happen thanks to a 4-year-old husky named Kobe. 

Normally, a dog digging incessantly in the yard is problematic, but in this case it potentially saved THE ENTIRE NEIGHBORHOOD. Chanell Bell is Kobe’s owner and they recently moved into her home. She noticed Kobe was digging in the same spot in the yard hour after hour. That wasn’t super unusual as he usually helps dig when mom is working in the yard. But he spend hours on this same spot and made a BIG hole that went under the side walk. “I trust his judgment because that isn’t his typical behavior,” she said. “He has great senses and he never digs holes unless he is helping me dig; I knew something was up.”

Chanell had had a gas leak in the house earlier in December, so she decided to check it out with her gas detection device and got immediate readings! Not just gas, but a potentially cataclysmic amount of gas. She called authorities who told her that if Kobe hadn’t detected the leak when he did on December 21, the consequences could have been DISASTROUS for the whole neighborhood. She said, “They told me that something as simple as a light switch turning on could’ve caused an explosion!”


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