Deepfake technology could be the answer to allowing Bruce Willis to extend his acting career. His career was sidelined earlier this year due to a diagnosis of a language disorder called aphasia. Last year, Willis worked with an AI-powered technology firm called Deepcake so his likeness could be used in a commercial without stepping a foot on set. Engineers at the company used AI technology to create a 4K “digital twin” of Willis by loading 34,000 “image fragments” from movies like Die Hard and Fifth Element into their neural network. That data was then used to superimpose his face onto the face of understudies with “surgical precision.” Though making Willis’ replica was a 14-day process, Deepcake claims their engineers only need “three to five days” to recreate him for new projects.

In August 2021, Willis’ AI twin made his debut when his face was “grafted” onto understudy Konstantin Solovyov so he could “appear” in ads for Russian telecom operator MegaFon without leaving the country.



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