This is the most horrific and beautiful story all at once!

Jordan Barrett and Zania Robinson met by chance standing near each other in line at a Georgia convenience store. He asked her out, and the setting for their first date was a beautiful waterfall. But then it started to rain and it got dangerous quickly…they ended up falling 40 feet. Robinson fell on her face and broke numerous bones while Barrett fractured his shoulder blades and tore his rotator cuff.  But then they had to hike 30 minutes to get help! They ended up in the hospital, and she was in critical condition. Her face was badly banged up and she felt ugly, sure that he wouldn’t want to go out again. But he asked her to be his girlfriend!  Then fate stepped in again. She got better…while he got worse.

While recovering from his injuries, he lost a lot of weight and doctors initially thought he crushed his esophagus. Turns out, they found cancer in his stomach that they might not have found had they not been in the hospital!  Now he has to have surgery to remove his stomach, and doctors will attached his esophagus to his small intestine, which will cause him to have a feeding tube for sic to eight months. Zania says she will be right be his side.

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